Integrity 10 is exhibited at BIWIC and ISIC:18

Electrothermal's STEM Integrity 10 was exhibited this September at both BIWIC and ISIC 18. The Integrity 10 forms part of the full Clarity System which has been specifically designed for solubility and crystallisation studies, and was developed in conjunction with partners at Pfizer and the Illinois Institute of Technology. It is an updated version of its forerunner, the RS10, and has benefitted from many design enhancements, especially its new touch-screen facility which has made it ever more easy and convenient to use.


The BIWIC was an informal 2 day workshop on industrial crystallisation with 100 participants which was held at Delft University of Technology. Professor Joachim Ulrich, an acknowledged expert in the field of crystallisation from Martin-Luther Universitatät Halle-Wittenberg, Germany, presented a poster there with his colleagues on the use of the Integrity 10 for protein crystallisation; an application note on this will soon be available on this website.

ISIC: 18

ISIC 18: 18th International Symposium on Industrial Crystallisation was held at the ETH in Zurich. ISIC 18 is a key calendar event in the field of crystallisation covering a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines with applications in a vast array of industries. It was attended by 380 participants, many of whom appreciated the flexibility and usefulness of the Integrity 10 and have requested product demonstrations.