Our Melting Point Equipment is now better than ever!

We're proud to announce that we've completely upgraded our IA9000 series Digital Melting Point Apparatus and have just relaunched this newly improved product range.

Although the only apparent outer change is a new keypad, there have been a number of refinements "inside the box", including:

• Software has been upgraded with a new menu
• New keypad which is now standardised across all 3 models, i.e. IA9100, IA9200, IA9300
• PCB board has been upgraded
• New USB port (for IA9200 and IA9300 models only)
• New 32-bit processor which is both powerful and future-proofed to accept more lines of code
• New calibration key and calibration procedure to make calibration more convenient
• PT100 Platinum Temperature Sensor has been upgraded to a Class A component with a much tighter tolerance and more accurate measurement
• Capacitors have been upgraded to eliminate any electrical noise which may disturb readings
• Improved temperature stability of oven
• Daylight-balanced LEDs have replaced the old-style bulbs for improved sample illumination

Take a closer look at our IA9000 series
New IA9000 series Melting Point Apparatus