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Our STEM Integrity 10 Reaction Station has already proven to be the product of choice in drug solubility and crystallisation assessment trials, being used in practically all of the Top 20 Pharma companies.

Of course, its use is not restricted just to the pharmaceutical industry, as it has widespread application across a range of industries including the food, beverage, brewing, chemical, petrochemical, cosmetic, diesel and biofuel industries- the list goes on. In fact, STEM Integrity 10 is useful in practically any industry which conducts investigative research, screening tests, quality testing, production monitoring and any process involving reactions that need controlled heating, cooling or stirring. And surely most chemical reactions involving either synthetic chemicals or natural substances need to control at least one of these three parameters?

STEM Integrity 10 enables you to run 10 experiements simultaneously, with precise and independent temperature and stirring rate at each of its 10 positions over a temperature range of -30°C to 150°C. It maps the progress of each reaction on its user-friendly touchscreen and automatically records all the data gathered, so that you can work elsewhere or leave it running overnight unattended. It is small enough to be portable around the lab on a trolley, it supports Lean Lab working and increases the throughput of any laboratory by up to 20-fold, as a 24-hour round the clock workhorse.

Not only is it state-of-the-art for accuracy and control, it is the most economical reaction station of its kind on the market. Period.

Rather than just read about it, why don't you try it for yourself? We're offering a free trial* of our STEM Integrity 10 unit to selected universities, companies or organisations, as we're confident that once you've tried working with Integrity 10, you won't want to be parted from it.

*subject to meeting our loan criteria

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